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(L)Earn: The Basics of Bitcoin. White Paper: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” by Satoshi Nakamoto + Teaser: “The Basics of Reading (through) a White Paper” by DMYF

…reading white papers (reading; not skimming through and later pretending to have read) should be regarded as one of the five-a-day essential market research activities; moreover, it is wiser to cut down on media consumption in favour of reading through white papers of all cryptocurrencies one regards as significant, is familiar with, or, in particular, considers a worthwhile addition to a portfolio. 

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Meanwhile, in 2011…

Captain Foresight reporting! xD

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DMYF News: “Contact Us (via Form)” Page Updated. New: “Achievements” (title) Page.

While the DMYF site is still in beta, new features and important updates sometimes deserve an announcement!

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DMYF Free Bitcoin Giveaway logo
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(ongoing) Free Bitcoin Giveaway (upd.)

As a part of our ongoing Free Bitcoin Giveaway, we are happy to announce that since the last update, 11293 Satoshi have been shared and thus, so far DMYF given away a total of 0.00045487 BTC.

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DMYF Free Dogecoin Giveaway
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(ongoing) Free Dogecoin Giveaway – upd.

We are happy to announce that as a part of our ongoing free Dogecoin Giveaway, 55.25 Coins found their way to wallets of those taking part!

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DMYF Site Status: Fully Operational

The minor cosmetic SSL error which caused the embarrassing “not secure” error showing up when visiting https:/dmyf.online has been addressed and the site is in full working order. 

Our site was perfectly safe to visit and the error was due to a minor technicality.

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Why Do People Trust Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin Immaterial?

Courtesy of Freebitco.in’s excellent website FAQ, DMYF takes the liberty to repost most likely best answers there are to two questions regularly, in one form of another, surfacing on Quora:

Why do people trust Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin fully virtual and immaterial?

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OPPORTUNITIES. Follow-up: “$25-Worth of Stellar from Blockchain: Myth or Reality?”

Following up upon an earlier post: $25-Worth of Stellar from Blockchain: Myth or Reality? Note: the procedure requires an ID-verification, which involves taking a selfie and submitting a government-issued ID document. DMYF is strictly pro-privacy, however participation in the airdrop is voluntary and Blockchain.info does need to make sure users don’t claim free $25-worth of XLM more than once. Note: Blockchain seems to ignore some email addresses, however is perfectly fine with gmail. If you clicked to submit the willingness for your participation, but have not received further emails, the inbox issue could be the problem. (reposting further information from Blockchain’s official website):   I have a Blockchain wallet. Why didn’t I get XLM? We are committed to getting our distribution of XLM into the wallets of as many users as possible. This article describes how you can participate in the giveaway and receive free XLM. If you’ve followed the instructions and either…

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NEWS: LuckyGames TRX Withdrawal is No Longer 0. Which Currency is Cheap to Convert To and Withdraw From LuckyGames?

It was good while it lasted, but nothing good lasts forever. LuckyGames offered 0-fee withdrawal for TRX, allowing players to (theoretically) transfer their winnings/earnings to a LuckyGames Account, convert the funds into TRX (internal converter service does not charge an exchange fee), withdraw TRX to a low-fee external exchange and… so on and so forth. Basically, the function Dogecoin has been performing for years. Now, the minimum amount necessary for TRX transaction is 10 TRX with a 1 TRX transaction fee. Previously on: News: LuckyGames Now Accepts TRON’s TRX Token, Offering 0% Withdrawal Fee! More on Minimums, Maximums, Conversions… plus some Essential General Knowledge How to withdraw winnings from LuckyGames, paying minimal fees and which currency allows lowest withdrawal amounts? (example) LuckyGames charges 1 TRX and 1 Doge withdrawal fees. 1 TRX = $0.02691439 1 Dogecoin = $0.00193777 …which makes conversion to Dogecoin as the medium for transferring any currency to an external…

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Ever Wondered How Profitable Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange as a Business?

If a flashy, “as good as it gets” seo-wise domain name purchase price is an indication of how much of an investment a cryptocurrency exchange takes, even if the six-figure asking price of coinexchange.com is irrationally inflated, it can still give an impression that creating a platform for Coins and Tokens trade can yield significant ROIs in the short term.

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Contact DMYF (email)

Would you like to establish a dialogue, discuss our services, offer your services to DMYF, or send an email about any other form of a mutually-beneficial partnership? Write to: info@dmyf.online

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OPPORTUNITIES: LiveCoin Supports BitTorrent (BTT) Token Airdrop for Users Holding TRX… Using LiveCoin for TRX Purchase vs. Using LuckyGames for TRX Purchase

DMYF previously mentioned TRON Foundation’s BitTorrent Foundation acquisition. “Common goals” and “shared visions” aside, not using an iconic brandname as a market entry tool would be oversight on TRON‘s part; BitTorrentToken is built upon the TRON platform (as Tronix was once built upon the Ethereum platform) and, though its Whitepaper is pretty standard, – not monetising the “Torrent” part of the brandname would be almost as silly on TRON’s side as… ignoring free Tokens, which have been performing well, to say the least. LiveCoin is a B-class cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Belize, featuring 200 currencies available for trade, an easy-to-navigate interface, minor questionable marks on its reputation (which is nevertheless quite decent, all things considered), moderate trade fees, yet higher minimum trade amounts than C-class Exchanges (i.e. CoinExchange). LiveCoin trade fee structure: 0$ – 100,000$: 0.18% 100,001$ – 200,000$: 0.16% 200,001$ – 400,000$: 0.14% 400,001$ – 600,000$: 0.12% 600,001$ – 800,000$: 0.10%…

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Free Dogecoin Giveaway (ongoing): upd.

This round, 14.705 DOGE have been shared amongst participants of our oldest-running Giveaway. Currently the Total Amount Shared sums up to 248.38500000 Dogecoin. *DMYF does not profit from the giveaway and does not withhold any funds. This is not something that is about to change. 

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Facebook’s First Blockchain Footstep

Blockchain, Inc.  Facebook beheaded acqui-hired Chainspace: four out of five researchers responsible for Chainspace academic Whitepaper are, most likely, already enjoying the perks of being on the payroll of one of Facebook’s sub-divisions; undoubtedly superior to those University College London researchers-turned-smart contract developers enjoyed previously. Some of the former academics, perhaps, sincerely believed in the ideals behind the innovations made possible by the Blockchain technology.   Sources: Chainspace: A Sharded Smart Contracts Platform Mustafa Al-Bassam, Alberto Sonnino, Shehar Bano, Dave Hrycyszyn and George Danezis University College London, United Kingdom  (download link)

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$25-Worth of Stellar from Blockchain: Myth or Reality?

Link: https://www.blockchain.com/getcrypto

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24-hr Trade Volume (USD) – Exchanges. ZB.com Overtakes Binance.

ZB.com, a Chinese exchange offering 93 (!) cryptocurrency trade pairs overtakes the creme-de-la-creme Maltese-based (though Chinese-born) world-renown iconic holy Binance, which offers 433 (!) cryptocurrency trade pairs, as far as bare Coinmarketcap-quoted 24-hr USD Trade Volume numbers are concerned.

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GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What Is Bitcoin? (Video)

Courtesy of MoonBitcoin faucet, we re-post a beginner-level video describes the basics of the most popular cryptocurrency:

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DMYF gave away free dogecoin and bitcoin
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New Year DMYF Giveaway: Successful Conclusion; Dogecoin and Bitcoin Shared!

Dear all, DMYF officially announces the finale of our January Giveaway! The Prize structure was set as follows: 1st participant received 50 Dogecoin 2nd participant received 45 Dogecoin 3rd participant received 40 Dogecoin 4th participant received 35 Dogecoin 5th participant received 30 Dogecoin 6th participant received 25 Dogecoin 7th participant received 20 Dogecoin 8th participant received 15 Dogecoin 9th participant received 10 Dogecoin and… The lucky 10th participant is about to receive the top Prize of 0.0001 Bitcoin. 🙂 Notes: 50 Dogecoin is the minimum withdrawal amount of Dogecoin from Coinpot faucet income aggregator. 10 Dogecoin is the minimum withdrawal amount of Dogecoin from LuckyGames exchange and cryptocurrency Dice, Roulette, Cells and Balls games (which we refer to due to its amazing exchange system allowing a 0-fee conversion of 100 currencies; we do not endorse gambling) 0.0001 Bitcoin is the minimum withdrawal amount from Coinpot. Coinpot does not charge withdrawal…

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WARNING: New Virus Steals Cryptocurrency! More Information and Critically Important Safety Basics

(*this article is a quote from EXMO‘s newsfeed; EXMO is one of our most trusted exchanges and we trust the reliability of its sources, taking the liberty to cite the announcement) Please pay attention: Kaspersky Lab products detected the malicious program Trojan.Win32. Razy.gen – an executable file that spreads via advertising blocks on websites and is distributed from free file-hosting services and installs malware browser extensions on victims’ PC to steal cryptocurrencies and substitute the pages of cryptocurrency exchanges.  Its main tool is the script main.js that is capable of: – Searching for addresses of cryptocurrency wallets on websites and replacing them with the threat actor’s wallet addresses – Spoofing images of QR codes pointing to wallets – Modifying the web pages of cryptocurrency exchanges – Spoofing Google and Yandex search results The Trojan Razy ‘works’ with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex Browser, though it has different infection scenarios for each…

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flag of Venezuela
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Hypothetical Questions – What Unites Venezuela and Indonesia?

…did you know that cryptocurrencies are immensely popular in Venezuela? Current street protests, a tip of the iceberg of the country’s economy spiraling down, signify widespread lack of faith in the future of the country’s current economic model, mistrust towards the banking system and all other factors which initially gave birth to the concept of decentralized wealth management (the factors resulting in the birth of Bitcoin are often identified as the fallout of the 2008 crisis). …at the same time, Switzerland hosts an array of companies, operating in the cryptocurrency market, large banking conglomerates are adopting blockchain solutions offered by blockchain technology providers, popular exchanges first appeared in the States, Japan, China, South Korea do not fall under the category of countries traditionally classified as economically unstable, Eastern European countries traditionally exhibit interest towards any forms of new technological solutions in the financial sector…. …is there a simple answer to…

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VIDEO: TRX Market Cap in 60 Seconds… vs. What is TRX?

Isn’t the video gorgeous? Absolutely. Doesn’t it convey the message it’s meant to convey? Totally, – hey, it’s more of a community-targeted video clip, rather than a promotional trailer.

How about someone who has not been following the market for the past years, yet could somehow benefit from learning more about TRX?

We would not know.

But, in case random subtitles might be of use to those interested…

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(ongoing) Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

We are happy to let our Dogecoin Giveaway participants know that we shared a further 10.415 Doge.

As of now, the total amount of free Doge given away is 233.68.

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(ongoing) DMYF Free Bitcoin Giveaway: Update

As a part of ongoing Free Bitcoin Giveaway, this round we managed to share 2717 Satoshi and the total amount we shared so far is  0.00034194 Bitcoin. 

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VIDEO: Blockchain Basics

A time:value efficient medium of learning a thing or two about Blockchain; whether you are completely new to the field, or have some intermediate-level understanding of practical uses of the technology.

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News: LuckyGames Now Accepts TRON’s TRX Token, Offering 0% Withdrawal Fee! More on Minimums, Maximums, Conversions… plus some Essential General Knowledge

*we do not condone gambling and only mention LuckyGames within the context of an exchange allowing users to convert 100 cryptocurrencies at market rates (updated every minute). Now, users can deposit and convet TRX to… an array of Coins and Tokens ranging from 0x Protocol to Zilliqa TRX ON LUCKYGAMES: TRANSACTION LIMITS, FEES Deposit fee: 0 TRX Withdrawal fee: 0 (!!!) TRX Minimum withdtawal amount: 10 TRX Minimum TRX amount needed for conversion to other currencies: 10 TRX Maximum TRX conversion amount per transaction: 100000 TRX P. S. DMYF checked whether LG is indeed updating exchange rates every minute and whether the rates indeed are “market“, as advertised. So far, LuckyGames keeps all its promises. Proof-review to-be-submitted. Sources and General Knowledge What is LuckyGames? Luckygames is the best multi-coin dice gambling site. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features. You…

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Important Update: DMYF is Looking for Freelancers

Have some free time on your hands? Interested in supporting a non-profit project? Wouldn’t mind earning a few Dogecoin? Want to learn more about how DMYF ecosystem functions?

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DMYF’s readership stretches as far as…

We value every reader, yet practicality-wise, we are keeping an eye out for visits from Malta, Switzerland, BVI…. – hey, geographically, returning the favor could be easier!

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Brave browser
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General Knowledge: Brave Browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT): Whitepaper

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a currency used by the Brave Browser ecosystem, designed to provide internet users with an opportunity to support idependent publishers (such as ourselves!). In essence, should a visitor find the content published useful, educational, entertaining and would kindly wish to support the project, BAT is the currency that can be used to reward the publisher.

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amount of doge shared from DMYF giveaway
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(ongoing) Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

This time, up tp now, the… …please note, that the ongoing giveaway and the New Years giveaway are independent of each other! Thanks to all those taking part! 🙂  

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Interface of Dogecoin wallet
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General Knowledge: Dogecoin Wallet

The official Dogecoin wallet can be downloaded at https://dogecoin.com Note: the first network synchronization can and will take a long time because the entire blockchain is being downloaded. Once a user realizes what “decentralization” truly means, – every user having access to all network traffic, – the attractiveness of being an “official” part of the chain often diminishes and the search for “online” wallets begins… or the funds end up stored wherever and mistakes are made (four words: private keys, hard forks). Note: downloading and syncing official wallets for every currency during an altcoin season is troublesome. Thus, Brave Browser’s introduction of a Metamask’s official inbuilt browser extension was a relief to all those Ethereum, or ERC20 Token holders, – an optional, lightweight browser plugin vs. 51% after three days of synchronization? Yes, please! Normally a web-based wallet, such as one offered by https://dogechain.info is sufficient for frequent send-receive purposes, – most…

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Eobot logo
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Report, Video. Payout Transfer: 100 Dogecoin from Eobot to External Wallet. Transaction Times: Seconds, Service Status: Operational.

We are testing Eobot’s features meticulously, carefully and purposedly slowly. Online since 2013, Eobot seems to maintain a consistently positive reputation of a legitimate Cloud Mining service. Since “reputation” means more than “an advet”, but less than “to be trusted” in the cryptocurrency world, we refrain from mentioning any service, specifically that which has anything close to do with deposits of users’ own funds. Yet again, there must be one cloud mining website out there which can be used as an example without the risk to our own reputation?

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Ethereum Daily Trade Volume Overtakes Bitcoin?

Cryptocompare is a niche source of market data. Going as far as claiming that it has an agenda is not entirely true; however if at any point in time any individual or organisation attempts sell, market, or argue in favor/against of any coin, token, exchange, etc. citing cryptocompare.com alone, remember this article. They do have an agenda. 

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Faucet claim payout data
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FreeBitcoin 4x Reward Point Promotion Still Running…

DMYF used to post reminders regarding the weekly Reward Point promotion events, analysed the Points’ utility, discussed optimum ways of reaching the desired balance within a reasonable timeframe and even praised the scheme for adding significant value to the time spent on the faucet.

Reminder: FreeBitcoin’s Reward Points can be used to purchase iPhones and Samsungs, exchanged for Satoshi, purchase Boosts. The “Boosts” are specifically interesting: a 1000% Faucet Claim Multiplier active for 24 hours, in combination with 100 Reward Points-per-roll Boost active for 24 Hours is something worth saving up the Points for.. …yet the top-tier Boosts are unobtainable until a user’s Bonus level meets certain criteria. 

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Hshare to Hcash
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IMPORTANT: HSR => HC SWAP, Both Hshare and HyperCash Still Traded; General Knowledge. Basics: Importance of Private Keys, Honest Exchanges and a Real Wallet

IMPORTANT (more important than our Giveaway ..and even glazing at Audrey Hepburn’s angelic beauty (sigh).HSR (Hshare) holders: hopefully you are aware of the Hshare-to-HyperCash (HC) swap.We doubt anyone reading this is a regular of ZB exchange… alternatively, we hope you benefitted from the 1:1 Swap… while both currencies are traded simultaneously on major exchanges.Status Quo Hshare (HSR) and HyperCash (Hcash, HC) today:CoinMarketCap delisted Hshare.HyperCash:CryptoCompare shows both currencies coexisting, traded for some currencies on a few remaining markets.*Cryptocompare is a quantity, rather than quality-oriented resource: it has been known to advertise scammy ICOs (and apologising for doing so), listing scammy Tokens, etc. Unlike CoinMarketCap, it lacks quality control. Do not base your decisions upon information listed on cryptocompare only. This does not mean that Cryptocompare is not a legitimate resource; it featured a large database, offers comprehensive set of definitions and an easy-to-master portfolio tool we recommend. Cryptocompare is merely operating in…

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dogecoin official logo
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NY Giveaway – Important Update!

Dear Participants, Please make sure to state your email in the relevant field of the Contact Us form! Otherwise we will not be able to contact you in regards to your winnings! …if you already said “yes”, but not stated your email, please navigate to the Get In Touch page again and make a claim again… Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Happy New Year from DMYF! 2019 Giveaway – pt. 1!

As a part of the first Giveaway of 2019, DMYF will give away free Dogecoin to our readers!..
…and the 19th participant will receive a surprise amount of Bitcoin… or a currency of his or her choice!

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“No Comment”: 1 LTC = $ 31.92; Litecoin Price – Pump, or Jump?

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(scroll down to read the announcement) DISAMBIGUATION: We mention LuckyGames to promote a fee-free exchange accepting 100 cryptocurrencies with instant withdrawals and incredibly low minimum withdrawals. We do NOT advertise. We never recommend any third-party site we have not been testing ourselves for months. We cannot change the fact that the absolute best crypto-to-crypto exchange on the market has four games users can play (even for free and without registering). We do NOT endorse gambling, however we believe that Cointiply’s, Freedogecoin’s, Coinpot Tokens’ dice and multiplier games are worse than gambling, – they are pointless waste of funds at best or evil manipulated scams designed for people with zero pride and no self-respect. DMYF subjectively believes that users… 1. Should STOP PLAYING COINTIPLY’S MULTIPLIER: IT IS REPORTED TO BE RIGGED (Cointiply fucked thousands of users over with their Mining Game scam, – boycott their game, – have some pride). Use…

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Coinpot Multi-Currency Faucet Income Aggregator Status: Online, Connection Not Secure

Coinpot.co is back online after hours of downtime which then was called “maintenance“. All seven partner faucets are operational. Connection to Coinpot.co is still insecure. We recommend staying safe online and making sure your cryptocurrency will not be stolen.  

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coinpot.co logo
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Coinpot.co Multicurrency Wallet (or faucet income aggregator) still down

Coinpot.co: hack, or internal error? IMPORTANT: Do not log in to CoinPot even if the front page looks normal. Be patient. Q: Is Coinpot a scam, running away? A: No. Official message: What is happening with Coinpot? What does “this site may be hacked” mean? How Brave Browser can protect you against a phishing attack on a site like Coinpot.co Disambiguation: exclamation mark (top left corner) and the Brave logo (top right) Whereas… Poker Face: How secure is Google Chrome, really?… DMYF recommends: DOWNLOAD BRAVE BROWSER (LINK: OFFICIAL WEBSITE) (WE KEEP REPEATING THAT…) FUNDS SHOULD BE WITHDRAWN FROM COINPOT.CO TO A REAL WALLET. Coinpot’s minimum withdrawal amounts are ridiculously low. No fees are charged. Coins arrive to their destinations within hours. In one of our previous articles we mentioned that investing in security once might save you bigger amounts in the long run. Read: Video: The Basics of Dogecoin Learn…

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google's coinpot warning
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Coinpot possibly hacked; moon faucets not working; be careful of phishing attempts, do not try to log in every second. Three browsers = same results. Download Brave browser – protect your privacy and finances!!!

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Free Bitcoin Giveaway

We are happy to announce that a further 0.00001142 Satoshi has been shared as a part of our ongoing Bitcoin giveaway, So far, the All information necessary to join both Dogecoin and Bitcoin giveaways can be found by searching “giveaway” on DMYF’s secondary menu. We thank all participants! Sincerely,

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FLASH NEWS: Potential Scammer on the Horizon!

Dear Readers, DoubleDogecoin – although we have not worn our glasses yet, all signs of a Ponzi scheme present. 1 Dogecoin a day (no deposit… yeah right)… Feel free to register to “receive” 1 “free” Doge a day (any doubts that withdrawing “free” earnings will be difficult iuf not impossible?)… But for all that is saint and holy, – DO. NOT. PURCHASE. THE. NEXT. PACKAGE (1000 Doge). At the very least, wait for our review. Adhere to commonsense.app. Read more: DogeMoon.cc & Co. – How to Spot a Scammer Tesla Mining – “free” Bitcoin Mining… What’s the catch? 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams

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Bison app logo
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Subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart to Include Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, LTC in Germany’s First Crypto Trading App, Prizes to be Won.

Surprise: leading cryptocurrency news outlets “forgot” to add a few minor elements which made the news into a clickbait, repost-friendly, almost groundbreaking article. Germany’s second and Europe’s ninth biggest Stuttgard Stock Exchange acquired a 100% stake in Sowa Labs to work on creation of a trading app, about to hit Germany’s App Store in January, 2019. Litecoin, Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum will soon be complimented with more cryptocurrencies. On a good note:  Bison is the first crypto app in the world to have a traditional stock exchange behind it. The initial 1,000 members will have a chance to win one of three Bitcoins donated to the prize pool as well as other prizes in Ether, Litecoin and XRP. The platform also features a “crypto radar”, scanning Twitter for trending news about the most popular digital currencies, presenting findings via the exchange app. P. S. General knowledge moment: Ripple is a company behind…

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Video: The Basics of Dogecoin in Under 2 Minutes. Learn => Earn!

DMYF uses Dogecoin extensively; testing exchanges, “investing” (=infiltrating) into a Ponzi scheme operation, exposing scammers, finding best ways to circumvent fees, speed up translation times… Low fees, instant wallet-to-wallet transfers, surprisingly stable USD value, market-wide liquidity and multitudes of earning opportunities made this unpretentious Coin a veteran of the cryptocurrency market. New to cryptos? Want to develop a basic understanding of a classic Coin? Don’t know how “Dogecoin” is pronounced? Curious to discover ways to earn, spend, exchange and safely store Doge? Watch: … “Where do I EARN Dogecoin?” (services  listed below are tried and meticulously tested over and over by ourselves – every third-party site is safe to visit, use and expect fulfilment of promised results without fail) MoonDogecoin – claim Doge every 5 minutes. In conjunction with six other sister faucets, possible daily earnings start at 70 Doge and, with time and use of OfferWalls, can yield as much as 4000-6000 Dogecoins a…

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dmyf official logo
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Why We Write: Testimonials.

Prevention is the best cure. We never promote a service we previously have not meticulously tested and reviewed. We use the little revenue we generate to expose scams “from within”, offering opportunities to learn from our mistakes. Contact us if you spot a potential scam!

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Bitcoincash market cap
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CryptoCompare’s Finest. Operative “100”: The BitcoinCash Nostradamus

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Bitcoin Cash: USD Price Jumps 55% In One Week (and that’s not the end) MarketCap: from $2.84, breaks 3$, approaches $3.5bil… Price up From $160 to $200

According to current charts, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) USD price is up by 40%, 41.41%, 44.17%… 55% compared to last week. 1 BCH is traded for $162 $163.57 $170… $200 and Market Capitalisation of the Coin is $2.82 $2.86 $2.89 $2.96… $2.87… $2.95… in minutes to… $3.50 billion in an hour Coin’s Market Cap jumps up and down by $10 mil… …breaks $3bil… and… in for a penny, in dor a dime! Instant registration and quickest way to buy or sell BCH using Visa or Mastercard Credit/Debit Cards would be Changelly wallet-to-wallet “supersonic speed” exchange. Alas… Changelly does not list BCH, but does have BCH ABC, which is down 20.43% and was traded at $227.31 Trusted exchanges with quick registration featuring BCH pairs: EXMO – quick registration, user-friendly exchange offering instant Debit and Credit Card purchases Cryptopia Gate.io -10% trade fees for registering using this link Livecoin BTC-Alpha Binance Cryptocurrency can be purchased for anything from bank transfers to gift cards (!)…

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Coinpot token
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Coinpot Token’s Value – An Opportunity out of Nothing

Warning! This Article Will Forever Change the Way You Think of Coinpot Tokens! Table of contents: 1. Testing Utility of Coinpot Token as a Speculative Tool 2. What can Coinpot Tokens be used for?  3. What are Coinpot Tokens? 4. What is a Coinpot Token’s price? 5. What is a Coinpot Token worth? 6. What is Coinpot Tokens’ value? 7. How do I earn Coinpot Tokens? 8. How do I earn more Coinpot Tokens faster?   Introduction:   Measuring Coinpot Token‘s cash (USD, fiat) Price, Today’s Conversion Rates Throughout  the extensive “Coinpot Token’s Price and Value” series of articles and calculations, we determined that: The Token‘s price is fixed against fiat. 100 Tokens are always equivalent to $0.01 (roughly). Naturally, USD can be bought using the Token only when converting the Token balance to either of the five currencies Coinpot works with. Although there are no withdrawal fees, it will be difficult…

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Coinpot Token: Цена, Актуальная на Сегодняшний День

Каким образом можно подсчитать стоимость Coinpot Token?

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